Basingstoke Makerspace Open Meetings

At Basingstoke Makerspace we are now holding regular Open meetings on Tuesday evenings. If you are in the area please drop in and say hello.

We are using meetup and facebook to generate some publicity.

We are holding some talks to attract potential new members. This week there is a talk on Blockchain.

Any other ideas on publicity and getting new members are welcome. If anyone nearby has a talk already prepared and would be willing to come along and speak please let us know.


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I’ve upgraded your permissions so you can post links, and put the link in your original post…

I grew up around Amazingstoke so I will have to come down at some point.

Thanks for upgrading me I have added the links to meetup and facebook. You’re welcome to drop by on a Tuesday eveing when you are in Basingstoke. If you want to come at another time let me know.