Barrick Innovates London Hackathon

Barrick Gold in association with Google, Deloitte and RocketSpace will be hosting the London leg of their Innovation Hackathon series. With £12,500 in cash prizes, including a first prize of £6,000 for best overall solution, this is set to be one of the most exciting Hackathons the capital has seen. (
We are asking teams to enter to take on one of three challenges:
1. Blockchain
What if we could help artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) earn a fair living while improving environmental, social and governance standards in their community? We feel recent developments in mobile technology, shared ledgers and mobile payments can help make this a reality
This challenge will be to design a decentralized system to be used by Barrick and local mining communities enabling source identification of artisanal gold ore, denying funding to sources of conflict while ensuring miners are fairly paid for their efforts
2. Robotic maintenance
The mine of the future will remove humans from hazardous and difficult working conditions. To that end, Barrick is exploring the use of robotics for a fully automated underground “robotic pitstop”. This challenge has many angles and is open to both roboticists and computer scientists: to design the form and functions of an underground robot-enabled pitstop.
3. Symbiotic Development
Can Barrick empower members of the public to discover and manage mineral resources? This challenge explores how Barrick can work as codevelopers with individuals in countries where resources are often not discovered or managed by the local people. What if Barrick could empower those people to make their own discoveries (large and small), and help them to securely manage the resources they find? Can Barrick provide a capability to enable to people to become prospectors of their own lands? This challenge is to design the form and functions of tools that enable cooperative exploration between Barrick and individual land owners.
At the end of the hack there will be cash and fun prizes for the best technical and business solutions. The winners will have the opportunity for a follow-up pitch to the explore possible investment / partnerships.
Why come to #BarrickInnovatesLondon17?
#BarrickInnovatesLondon17 will bring together professionals, students, industry experts, and innovation legends who are passionate about technology and building a positive future. So come along to find a cofounder, meet someone new, have fun!, or simply learn a new skill that stretches you beyond your usual day-to-day life.
£12500 cash prizes up for grabs: £6000 for Best Overall Solution, £4000 for the Second place and £2500 for Third Best Technical Solution & Best Pitch. There will also be a people’s choice award
Additional awards will include Startup Credits from Google.
Sign-up now to reserve your spot, as there are limited places (registration is capped at 100 participants). Bring new ideas, meet new people and make cool, industry changing solutions!

#BarrickInnovatesLondon17 will take place at RocketSpaces newest facility near Angel Station (RocketSpace Events, The Yard, off Duncan Street, London N1 8EQ)
The event will be fully catered for the whole weekend.

· Individuals or teams can register.
· Each team can have 2 to 6 members. If you’d like to work on a team, but are registering as an individual, you are welcome to join up with another individual or team before team registration on Friday.
· You will need to bring your laptop, devices, and things to build your solution
· Only software (including simulations) or hardware based solutions will be eligible for prizes.
· 100 people max
· Barrick will provide challenges (ideas) and release them to the attendees
· The event culminates with 5min pitch with 5min Q&A in front of a panel of Innovation leaders as judges
· We’ll be sending updates via email and social media to registered attendees (and in some cases to a waiting list)
· You must be 18 years of age or older to attend the event.

I am not finding information on license or IP ownership of contributions on this.

Am I being too missing something or too suspicious?

You’re not being too suspicious or too un-trusting.

This is a healthy attitude for someone who does not want to get ripped off.

I spent decades working in the music industry, and i always suggest that people look at this webpage for a horribly accurate description of the potential ways that you can get ripped off through the small print,

If you substitute the word “start-up” for the word “band”, and the word “founder” for the word “musician”, and you get a pretty accurate version of the VC industry. Minus the hookers and blow…

If a company won’t give you this basic information, then you can pretty much assume that they’re planning upon owning ALL of the IP from the “Hackathon”, and, you should advise everyone that you know to stay away from these idiots.

They will be only looking for short-term solutions, as that is the way that they’re behaving.

It also means that the only people who will be taking part, will be the naive, the ignorant, and, the desperate.

As a professional, you don’t want these descriptions on your CV. :smiley:

Also i just went to look at their website, and i just got the Squarespace Domain Error page. It’s not a good set of indicators…