Approval of Hackspace List change

Hello everyone,

Is there someone around to approve a change to the list of hackspaces on the website?

Also does anyone know what the nestaRecord field is?

A little off-topic, but I wonder if there’s a way to automate this a bit? Maybe hosting an issued token or code insert on their website that can be automatically checked for continued inclusion on the list? If they don’t confirm it’s still valid every 6 months, it gets moved to a defunct list.

Maybe I just miss webrings.

There is the form:

The idea is that spaces should be vetted, it isn’t just a index of websites that claim to be a hackspace.

My apologies, I was thinking more of automated upkeep than application. Absolutely they should be vetted to be added. I was thinking out loud that if one becomes defunct how long could it go unnoticed.

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Filled in a while a go now, still nothing :frowning: