Anybody looking for space to open a Hackspace in East London?

Dear All,

Not really sure if this is the right place to do this but here goes…

We’ve got some space in Poplar, East London that we’re looking to fill at a GREATLY reduced rate to anybody that might be interested in starting up a well-run hackspace.

There’s plenty of room to develop a community and the space in question is serviced by its own stop on the DLR.

If anybody on here is interested or knows anybody that might be please do not hesitate to get in touch. Hopefully we will be able to sort something out quite quickly once lockdowns are lifted.

In the meantime, stay safe! I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Jamie! Welcome.

We’ve got a tiny space in Limehouse, but certainly might be interested if other nearby space is available. I’ve sent you my email address.

Would you be able to give us more details of what the available space would be, as well as what the neighbours are like?

Working with laser-cutting, welding, blacksmithing, and, metal-casting, requires ventilation/filtering/sound-proofing, so as not to annoy the neighbours, as well as sufficient space so we can do things safely. :smiley:

Also, how accessible is the venue?

There’s a disability-arts group based in Newham, that would be interested in using the CNC-based tooling systems, but it would require reliable wheelchair access to the building, as well as accessible toilets.

The accessible-plumbing conversions/installlation is something that we have the skills to do to the required spec, but whether it is worth putting in the extra time/work/expense for the conversions would depend upon the length of the lease.

For example, the space in the Limehouse building only has stair access, and would require major structural work in a listed building, so the cost of conversions would be beyond our budget, but if there’s a sufficient length of lease in a newer building, then there’s the possibility of grant-funding to do the conversions. :smiley: