About the Member Space Certification category

Discussion of what qualities a hackspace should/must have, and if various spaces do or do not meet those goals.

Ideally, this category will have two sorts of posts in it. One type is hopefully rare: discussion over a particular attribute – if we’ve missed something in the definition of a space that you think is important, or if qualification is needed on exactly what some attribute means.

The second type of post is a space post. This sort of post should be started by a representative of that space, and be named after the space. It should consist of an explanation of why the space does, or does not, meet each of the attributes of spacehood. Hopefully most of these can just be a "yes, we meet that, see (this link), under the heading (such-and-such). Sometimes, they will be “no, we don’t meet this criteria, but we’re working on it, see this discussion”, or “no, but we think that’s OK because such-and-such”.

Hopefully, most of the replies can be of the form “yes, this is a space”, or feedback on why the first post was insufficent, and generally lead toward a well-documented consensus opinion on a set of spaces, mostly-spaces, and not-spaces.

While that was fairly full of “ideally”, “mostly”, and the like, I’m hoping it will be pretty smooth in operation. To that effect, I’m going to be fairly heavy-handed in asking people to move discussion to the appropriate post if it seems to be moving from “discussion of one space” to “discussion of one attribute” and vice-versa. (Or even using my adminny powers to move them, if it becomes necessary.)

NB: Current member-space-definition: [https://www.hackspace.org.uk/foundation/define.md]

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