So I suppose the question then becomes should we be opposing future applications?


And should we be preparing some of the text for that now so that we can use it when not if it happens?


So has anyone objected to the hackspace magazine trademark on the basis that it is descriptive/generic?

Seems like a slam dunk if they have told you that they think hackspace is generic.


Problem with that line of argument is that their trade mark isn’t just the word hackspace, but “hackspace magazine”. PC Magazine is a legitimate trademark despite PC being a generic term.

Incidentally, in addition to the fact that trademarks exist for the supposedly generic “makespace”, see for a fairly similar situation to ours.


Ah yes but in that case their logo is a trademark but the words are not.


Sigh, Railway Magazine then.


I decided to contact them directly and challenged them not on legal grounds but ethical grounds personally as a hackspace member. there response was pretty rubbish, they claim they were happy to change the name but it was all HSF fault for not getting back to them quick enough with other suggestions! now they think they are best placed to “protect the hackspace trademark on their behalf”. I intend to write it up and post it online somewhere. if anyone wants to speak to me about that before then please get in touch with me directly