Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Member Relationship Managment (MRM)

Sweet and trying to capture/structure high level requirements sounds good. Could collate those into a file on github, ready to expand into a HOM section - thoughts?

Good plan. I’m sure we have a github issue for this somewhere…

Oh, apparently not. Ah well, created one -

Let’s kick off discussion there and we can punt to an actual document once we have some ideas of what to cover.


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Sure, if folks wanna use it we’d need a couple people to sit down and have a look at how it works more closely.

Don’t know if this was picked up but I am currently shopping for a system.

Found this one: Maker Space Manager . But unsure if it is being used.

I, for one, am up for trying the CiviCRM. But can’t seem to find the plugine on all Wordpress servers.